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Michael Powis

Feb 10, 2024

Button Position

Hey man, the button for the app in the meeting sits above the mic app now - making it impossible to click or launch.

Ali Faisal

Aug 17, 2023


When share a tab for music, the audio can't be heard by other participants.

Jon Baker

May 30, 2023

The app needs to be updated to function properly

The app hasn't been working well since about May 25th or so. I believe it's because Google has updated and so things aren't working very well. I really love this extension and really enjoy using it. Could you look into it please? Whenever I try to use it, all I use is a blank white screen instead of the dice and whatnot.

Sérgio Rios

Dec 19, 2021

I'm not conected

On the meeting with another users they conect each others on the extension, but I can't. How can I solve this?

Rafael Vasconcelos

Jun 11, 2021

Create a separate extension for audio sharing

Hi Marko, how are you?
Can you create a separate extension just for music share part?
I think you create an extension for that and call it "google meet music share" it will be a huge success.

Angelo B.

Mar 28, 2021

How to connect other users?

It should be automatic, but no one in the meeting session is present. ("nobody connected yet" message). Everyone can see only his dice launch

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