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Ulrich Scholten

Jun 30, 2023

all tokens and transactions disappeared

I unbonded about $1000 worth of oasis tokens some 4 weeks ago in my oasis wallet chrome extension on my computer; I just wanted to get back into the extension and it shows that my password was incorrect; so I uninstalled and reinstalled with the mnemonic phrase: the wallet is back but it looks completely empty, no history, no tokens!
- what is going on?

Masoud Ghasemi

May 30, 2023


How to transfer ROSE currency with the ROZEEVM network?

David Hooks

Aug 26, 2022

Lost 15300 ROSE

Please help me

Esteban Galindo Romero

Feb 26, 2022

No puedo restaurar billetera

tengo el código semilla en mi galeria (como foto) pero dice que "la longitud de la frase metromecanica no coincide

Emprendiendo desde Casa

Jan 29, 2022

necesito saber el txid fijo de una transacción que paso en la Paratime

hola tengo un problema que no me llego un deposito y para solucionarlo me piden un txid fijo y no el de la paratime, alguien sabe como hablar con soporte para que me ayude

Sergio Sánchez

Jan 20, 2022

Perdida de rose

Necesito ayuda con mi billetera de oasis network, he puesto a hacer staking unos 1000 rose, hace unas 4 horas y no me aparecen.


Jan 17, 2022

Ledger account is not supported

Hi Team, im trying to use transfer of ROSE from oasis wallet with paratimes to METAMASK emerald account but i have still the same issue : "ledger account is not supported" i don't know what that means... oasis exchange is live and updated in my ledger nano X...

doglike cat

Jan 7, 2022

The balance is not reflected, I lost my access to the balance

My transaction from Oasis wallet to Emerald Paratime is said to be successful, but the balance is not reflected.
BitCat Oasis Scan :

Aleerianz Golden

Jan 5, 2022

failed installation- Forbidden

Hello guys, would you know why it says it is forbidden and i can't install it?
Thank you !

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