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Victoria Compton

Nov 2, 2023

Unable to add more themes

I tried to add a new theme and edit an existing theme, but no changes were saved. Idk if this is a roblox issue or not??? I had 5 themes (including presets) if that helps

Andrea Asereny

Aug 21, 2023

No se poner fondo de pantalla a roblox

Cada ves que intento poner el fondo no me deja

mustafa ozma

Mar 18, 2023

this actual problem guys

why on earth this scam? this girl lied me for the 59 time >:(

FELLAS,this is actual scam dant believe man like how would do this
bruh .gotta get moneh from this trap

olha zayats

Jan 12, 2023

Why did you scam us tho

This is a scam

Maria Lopez

Dec 4, 2022

idk people are trying to know how to aplay it

as the message i think you see it but anyways how do we aplay it bcs its hard

nani bolano

Nov 9, 2022

there isent anything bro

no pictures

Rya Pablo

Oct 21, 2022


girl.. theres not even a wallpaper for rblx

Алина Фефелова

Sep 20, 2022


здравствуйте,хочу пожаловаться на то что у меня не загружается расширение!что делать

Harper Harrelson

Aug 22, 2022

how too add to roblox :)

cant get on roblox


Jun 11, 2022

How do I apply it to Roblox?

I tried applying my theme to Roblox and I am wondering how to do it. If you know please respond under.⬇ Thank you! -Angell🌹

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