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Maricel Jimenez

Oct 8, 2023



Conner Murray

May 12, 2023

so someone said the n word and it didnt tag and idk why but tags broke

tags broke

Márcio Rocha

Mar 11, 2023


Hi the mod didn't work how do I make it work?

Brianna Pereyra

May 20, 2022

no sirveee

no sirve waaa

MumYZZ 50O

Feb 12, 2022

didnt work

just download it, i go to roblox and i didnt see anything different

Just a normal Duck

Sep 1, 2021

Roblox avatar settings.

When you go to roblox avatars, all the avatar stuff (hats shirts t shirts pants etc) gets all clumped up so i cant really read the name of the items and i cant really use it well


Jan 27, 2021

Can I use Roblox Pro while still using BTRoblox?

I was wondering if I can use this while still using BTRoblox. I want to be able to see how much robux a game has made while still having the perks of BTRoblox. Thanks!

binho GAMEr

Oct 6, 2020

sobre o celular que não dar para baixar pelo celular o roblox

Não comsigo baixar roblox pro pelo web store


Jul 21, 2020

A New Feature Idea

I have an idea that other extensions tried to do, but don't do properly or don't do anymore... The estimate of robux made off gamepasses and games. And maybe when you hover over the robux made it shows a conversion to currency? Just a quick idea. Thank you, for this amazing extension and reading this suggestion!


Jun 3, 2020

it's not working :P

i tried looking the at the sales and it didn't wanna show this is a lie >:(

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