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ibrahim sultan (MoltenGear)

Sep 4, 2023

friend removal button.

friend removal button. this thing unfreinds about 8 people then you have to reload. time time taken to remove freinds is annoying and i dont want to reload i want to put autoclicker and quickly remove all

leon gomez

Aug 15, 2023

App its not working

its not like photo and it doesnt appear

Mateusz Kobylinski

Aug 7, 2023


pobrałem i nie działa i mam pobrane roblx


Jul 31, 2023

It's hard to delete people.

It's hard to delete people.

Brandon Tamez

May 18, 2023

Not working



May 13, 2023

Not going to roblox

I'm doing it on my daughter's tablet and it's not going to roblox.


Apr 18, 2023

Friend Page Keeps Reloading after removing 5-10 friends

When you start unfriending people, after you do about 5-10 of em, it starts to make the page go blank, with each person you unfriend, the longer it takes to unblank.

Protect InfoSocial

Mar 8, 2023

Screen Keeps going white

The screen keeps going white ather you unfriend 2 people.

Mehreen Syed

Feb 24, 2023


Theres no install button now I wasted over 2 hours unfriending my friends

noob king

Feb 22, 2023

there is no install button

now i cant unfriend my STUPID friends

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