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Bryce Cornwell

May 16, 2023

Options Expire Worthless


First, I am loving this extension. It has helped me get an easier overall view of my trading and the outcomes of different trading strategies/decisions.

Second, there are two things in the Options side of things that might help in that area.
I don't know how hard it would be but wanted to pass on the desire anyway. Would it be possible to have the Options side of things recognize when an options contract expires worthless, or show as a "Close the position at $0"...? Right now the Options page of the report indicates a "Qty: NaN and Amount: NaN" when there is an Options contract that expires worthless. This ultimately screws up the "Favour & Unfavour" tallies. Additionally, when selling a Call/Put the report shows the total of both the credit for what was sold and the current holdings and current price, when it should be showing the difference... Not sure how difficult it would be to put an adjustment in the calculation for these, but wanted to bring it up.

Anyways I really appreciate the system overall and give kudos for what you have put together. Thank you for your work and time

MiChaeL SANchez

Jan 23, 2023

It stopped working

as of 9/19 5;16PM it stopped working..

Eddie Haskell

May 2, 2022

how do I use the extension?

do I have to be in robinhood ?...where is the extension?

MiChaeL SANchez

Apr 20, 2022

Bug on stock Splits and combinations as well as Option Identifier tags

It got awry when it came to GE that combined its shares last Aug 2021 from 8 shares into 1 share. Likewise, It also mixed up GE stockshares trades with GE Option trades.
The result was the reports on the stocks got jumbled.

Nick Plakas

Mar 21, 2022

Report not refreshing

Congrats on the add on. Would like tto know if there is something wrong with the report since I can't get it to refresh the past 2 weeks.


Paril doshi

Mar 3, 2022

The trading report doesn't show the Favour/UnFavour of the option realized gain or loss.

I got assigned a PUT option of a share and that share's price dropped by 60% after that. But the loss(or unfavour according to the reports terminology) doesn't show that.

Other than the extension is great.

Jeff Briones

Dec 1, 2021

Realized & Unrealized Gains

Hello and thank you for creating this extension. Can you inform me if the reporting accounts for only realized P/L of it is taking into consideration unrealized P/L in addition to realized?

Thank you

Collin Glynn

Aug 7, 2021

Profit/Loss by Year

Is there an easy way to view profit/loss of a specific year? I'm assuming the current view only shows profit/loss for the total duration of the account. It would be awesome if you could filter on the current year only.

Other than that it is an amazing app, much needed as a robinhood user.

Hema K

Apr 6, 2021

Crypto updates for Robinhood report

it is a great extension. are you planning to add cryto to the reports

Yi Zu

Apr 2, 2021

Viewing Profits by Month

Hi SK!
Thank you so much for the hard work in creating this extension. Very helpful :-)

How do I see the realized gains that I made per month (for example, seeing profits in March 2021)?

Thank you for your time!

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