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Fred First

Dec 3, 2020

My graphs disappeared

I had deselected FUZZY DATES when starting to use Roam42 but wanted it back on for muscle memory reasons. When I did, it wiped out my graphs. They opened empty. I disabled the extension but maybe reopened it a day or two later for another reason. I might have tried re-instating fuzzy date. I will miss it, but have now had to disable the toolkit when all my graphs came up blank, but return w the toolkit disabled. thought you needed to know.

Vladimir Vinogradsky

Jun 29, 2020

Extension doesn't work for me

Tried fuzzy dates and increment/decrement date. Neither works. No errors in the console.

Eran Glicks

Jun 3, 2020

Small Request: adding a simple option to us, right-to-left language users.


please add Live Preview optional feature to open to the left of the link pointed, instead of the right.

I would really appreciate it!

John Camacho

Mar 22, 2020

Does not workfor me. Not sure what I'm doing wrong

So I was trying out both the increase/decrease number or date and the shortcuts do not work for me. I also tried changing the shortcuts but while the new shortcut saved, it also didn't work. Also Alt-K, the shortcut to delete a block, didn't work.

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