Rising Cities
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Rising Cities


평점 345개

20,000 사용자
항목 미디어 4 스크린샷
동영상 썸네일 항목
항목 미디어 2 스크린샷
항목 미디어 3 스크린샷
항목 미디어 4 스크린샷
동영상 썸네일 항목
동영상 썸네일 항목
항목 미디어 2 스크린샷
항목 미디어 3 스크린샷
항목 미디어 4 스크린샷


The urban planning simulator for<br>all aspiring architects.

Time to break ground in Rising Cities, the latest free2play title from Bigpoint. Become a world-class mayor leading your very own city from the outhouse to the penthouse in this exciting city builder. Rising Cities combines all the fun of a traditional urban development simulation with comprehensive strategic elements. Cement your legacy as mayor of your very own city by excelling as a world-class strategist and manager. Invest in industry and infrastructure, while managing resources and producing a variety of goods, to both ensure the well-being of residents and line your civic coffers. RISING CITIES gives you the chance to guide your city from humble rural beginnings to an outlandish cosmopolitan metropolis. • Start small and get big by upgrading buildings as you go • Produce, grow and manufacture goods for trade with other mayors at the market • Keep your residents happy by striking a balance between commerce and well-being • Spruce up your landscapes with a variety of decorative items • Customize your demographics by specifying the type of building residents • Complete weekly and event quests to earn special rewards Get started today! Rising Cities – Your City Needs You! Key features • Wide variety of buildings to upgrade • Produce goods for trade in a dynamic market • Monitor the balance between the needs & demand of both residents and city • Numerous decorative items, e.g. fountains flowerbeds, parks, etc. • Choose suitable residents dependent on urban zones types • Receive a variety of quests at the city square: weekly (e.g. farmers market) and event (e.g. Christmas)

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