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Jet Quah

Sep 12, 2023

Summary of YouTube Video

Hi Rio Team,

In regards to YouTube Summarizer.. when I choose either 'Bullet Points, Article or Short Paragraph', it generates the info at breakneck speed but before I can read it completely.. it all disappears.

Can I pause the info and slowly scroll down to read at my own pace while the tool is extracting the details in the background? After the extraction is completed, I would like to save all info but the screen just blanks out.

I really like the details the tool extracts but I simply can't read nor save the extracted info.


Jul 28, 2023

undefined undefined

undefined undefined
I got this error when using . Thank you very much for the utility.

Vivek Chanddru

Apr 27, 2023

Always prompts to login to OpenAI

Even after logging in to OpenAI ChatGPT website, the extension can't detect the login and still asks to login. Doesn't work

Robert Adducci

Feb 22, 2023

RIO Taking over Youtube Sidebar

Rio is overtaking the youtube sidebar videos. See this image:

Robert Adducci

Feb 18, 2023

A couple of Suggestions

1) Make the Open Chat and Show Widget buttons be at the top of the dropdown. The apps you only set up once so you don't need to see them always.

2) I'd like a way for the extension to grab the website content and use it for context immediately when I hit a site. For HARPA AI you have to click a button, but it automatically grabs the content.

3) The Extension dropdown is too big for me. Maybe give an option for a compact size?

Robert Adducci

Feb 18, 2023

A couple of Issues

1) The Widget only stays on one page, if I go to another tab it doesn't come.
2) If I close the tab the widget is on. I can no longer show a widget. (need to restart browser to get it to show again)
3) The Open Chat button opens a chat with the last ChatGPT session. It should open a new session.

David Frankle

Feb 13, 2023

Usage based pricing?

I'm building a payment infrastructure app to enable usage based billing for OpenAI apps.

Would this be useful to you?

You'd be able to monitor usage, predict profit, and do more granular usage based pricing (with a different cost per model).

Let me know and check out if interested:


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