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Matson Bailey

May 1, 2023

Has stopped working?

Program was working fine and normal. All of a sudden it stopped reading the words I would hover over like normal. Tried turning on and off, removing and re-adding to pinned extensions, and removing and reinstalling extension completely. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

Duri Yudha Nandhita

Mar 8, 2023

Using rikaikun to read PDFs

First, thank you very much for this extension. It really helped me immensely in reading comprehension.

Second, I have a question. Is it possible to use rikaikun on PDFs opened on Chrome? If yes, then how do I enable rikaikun to do so?


Nov 16, 2022

do you have any plan for JP -> KR

at its current state it only support JP -> EN, but do you have any plan for JP -> KR ?
if no, is there anyway to add KR language to rikaikun ?

Remi Dumas

Oct 18, 2022

Manifect V3

Will you update the extension to be compatible with Manifect V3, if it's even possible?
Rikaikun, is wonderfull and helped me learn and understand so much! I can not do without it.

Bob Schneider

Oct 1, 2022

Kanji dictionaries

The kanji numbers for Kanji Learner's Dictionary do not match those of the Kodansha Kanji Learners Dictionary I have. Is that because I'm using the 2013 revised version of the book? Thank you for your help and your wonderful app.

Oliver Chubb

Jul 31, 2022

Rikaikun icon does not appear

I have it active in my extensions, have tried disabling then enabling - reloaded, but can not seem to find a place to turn it on whilst on a web page.
Clearly user error, but how do I turn it on. (macbook, catalina, uptodate chrome)


Jun 26, 2022

Bug when zoomed in on Google docs

The plugin works fine now on text in a Google doc when the zoom is set to 100%, but if I increase the zoom to 150% or 200% to make it easier to read, Rikaikun stops being useful. Definitions still pop up, but they're not what the cursor is pointing at. It's almost like the plugin is seeing at the document at 100% zoom, even when it's being displayed larger. I tried refreshing multiple times, but this appears to be a bug.

himanshu chugh

Jun 1, 2022

Text saved somewhere or not

Hi, Please reply to my question.
If I am selecting some text to know the meaning of while using RikaiKun extention, will that text be stored somewhere in any database in the backend of RikaiKun or not?

Yumi Kushi

May 29, 2022

how do I find the download button for Rikaikun?

I can read all about it. there's no app download page?


Apr 6, 2022

Not working on Instagram

Hi there, I've been using rikaikun for a few years and it's been great. However in the last few days I've noticed that rikaikun isn't working on Instagram pages? The blue highlight comes up on the text but no definition appears. Could you please offer some advice on this? Thank you very much!

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