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Amir Ben Ishay

Mar 5, 2024

How to work with the extension?

I suggest you write a proper user-manual for the extension. For example, we see all the screenshots in the extension page in Chrome store but how do I access these in practice? I still don't know how. When in Chrome, clicking on the extension icon is opening the jira issue quick access window. Where should I see the other windows? like current sprint...

Tal Bener

Jan 25, 2024

Add default board for quick open

Well done!
My suggestion is to be able to have a default board as a prefix for the quick open (alt + shift + j), so we can type only the number.
Are you planning on making it open source?

Amir Ben Ishay

Jan 25, 2024

How do I edit the Jira URL pattern?

My company has Jira on-prem and the URL is different than "*://**".
How can I add/modify it?

Chananel Suter

Jan 22, 2024

Displaying SPRINT NAME on child issues / linked issues - in Issue/Epic view

Hi Ofer
this doesn't work for me
i see "None" on all of the issue
when hovering the "None" i can see "Sprint: VIA - None"
i'm not sure what this `VIA` stand for. but maybe this is the issue?

Liran Maman

Jan 21, 2024

Hi Ofer is this extention support Jira data center

Hi Ofer is this extention support Jira data center, from some reason i got

service worker (Inactive)

Mor Gazith

Jan 21, 2024

All child issues show sprint "None"

3 / 13 child issues contain sprints and are in-progress but the UI shows "None" for all, and sorting obviously doesn't work either.

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