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May 25, 2024

les points ne se comptabilisent pas

lorsque je lance l'extension, il n'y a aucune recherche qui se fait et il n'y a aucun points qui arrivent sur mon compte

Shubham Thakur

Apr 30, 2024


Please add minimum time delay of 8 -10second
15 second are so long for me
Please give old custom settings for Time delay

Lucifer Morningstar

Apr 13, 2024

mobile searches

the mobile searches r not working i have tried every thing like trying to change the simulation device by clicking on the mobile device clear catch restart pc and wait for few hours and then start but nothing seems to work


Apr 13, 2024


The pc search is not working for some reason it was working perfectly fine before then all of a sudden it just doesn't seem to work pls fix this


Apr 13, 2024

choosing mobile searches but the extension is doing just opposite

As the i said in the title, ive been using the new patch for the extension i set this extension to mobile searches with 15 minutes of delay but at first try it worked just flawlessly but after 15 mins the extension automatically only do pc searches aka desktop searches
other than that the new patch is pretty awesome
btw thanks for the extension and maintaining it

Mishall Hussain

Apr 12, 2024

The New Patch

I'm not really sure what to do to automate the searches on mobile, but I clicked 'yes' for using the newer patch before pressing the 'search' button. It's not automating any of the mobile searches, but it does the web searches perfectly. Is there anything specific that I need to do for the mobile searches to work?

Raushan Kumar

Apr 12, 2024

Stuck in mobile view

After the new patch, it is adding the mobile points. But I got both pc + mobile points on the first day only. Today it didnt add any pc points and all the points of the mobile was collected.

C1K4 C1K4

Apr 12, 2024

Microsoft Points Not Adding Up

since I'm feeling nice today and I saw the other reports, I'm giving you full information :D

So basically, I'm on PC, using the patch, The extension is already searching yet My Microsoft Rewards point isn't really adding up. Is it because this extension has a bug or is it another problem...?

Nicolae Tudor Soare

Apr 12, 2024

Mobile seaches dont work

Pls fix

Drew Cochrane

Apr 12, 2024

Stop searches does not work

Hi there, overall I love the extension. The mobile searches don't usually work, but more importantly, when I select "Stop searches", a few minutes later the searches will open another tab and start searching again. This is really annoying while trying to do other things.

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