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Mar 27, 2024

conjugaison verbe to do au futur

A l'école on conjuguait le futur avec l'expression "i shall do it" . Est-ce que shall a disparu de la langue anglaise ?

Juan Carlos

Jan 17, 2024


Cada vez que quiero traducir una frase, ya sea del diario digital u otro articulo cualquiera en Ingles u otro, me sale un cartelito que me impide la traducción. Me dice que las cuquis estan blequeadas

Dmenica Illapa

Nov 12, 2023

esa es la prgunta

por que ay premiun

Gustavo Matinella

Sep 7, 2023

Sugerencia para la App

La App es muy buena. Lo que estaria bueno agregar son los fonemas.


Aug 16, 2023

Font size on Youtube Subtitles

Hello, is there any chance that the font size Reverso uses to translate YouTube video subtitles will be increased dramatically in the near future? I usually use around 200-300 percent on YouTube subtitles. I couldn't even work with less than 150% or so, and it wouldn't be comfortable even then on this 42 inch screen I use. These tiny white on black subtitles Reverso uses are painful for a lot of older people, as well as those who just experience vision problems. I like the products a lot. But this particular one is almost unusable for this one simple reason. Please advise.

Ivan Radovic

Aug 6, 2023

Issue with third party cookies

I'm premium user of Reverso translator and I have an issue with Reverso Chrome extension. When I try to translate a word, system responds with the following message "Cookies blocked. To keep third-party cookies blocked but use full extension functionality, add this URL to “Sites that can always use cookies”: chrome-extension://onhiacboedfinnofagfgoaanfedhmfab/[*.]".

Normally, I've added [*.] as a site that can always use a cookies (including third party), but everything is the same. Could you please help me?

Alexandre Desgrand

Jul 13, 2023

The extension does not work...

Unable to use the extension today, either via double clicks or on Youtube...

Yask Shelat

Jul 13, 2023

translated subtitles for youtube videos

can anyone guide on how to turn on YouTube subtitle translation? It doesnt work for me, when I turn on little icon on the youtuve video frame


Jun 18, 2023

Font size and color

Hello, is there any chance that Reverso is planning to allow adjustable or much larger fonts and a color choice for this otherwise great product? The font is incredibly small, and the choice of white on black, although standard and generic for some products, is not very adequate for extended viewing. There's way too much contrast for many people. Yellow or green on black would be much better. Currently, with YouTube captions, I choose about 300% caption size and a yellow font. I'm not saying it's a must for everyone, but it sure would make it a lot easier to view these screens for extended periods with Reverso. Also, I can't understand why, with all the major companies at least offering a dark mode, Reverso chooses to continue with the brightest white know to man for all its products. It's blinding! I don't want to sound like a huge complainer. I just like the product itself, a lot. I use it all the time. But its painful to attempt to look up at that blinding white screen, especially for an extended period of time. I do appreciate the Performance of the product itself however. The ability to click on a particular suggestion and be taken immediately to a more thorough source of info is terrific and unrivaled, as far as I know. I just wish I could use the service more often, but my eyes just can't take it.


Jun 11, 2023

Font Size is way too tiny

Hello, fantastic chrome extension! Top notch! I, like many others, would love to see the Font size become adjustable, especially upward, as I seriously doubt it could be even smaller than it already is. I did read the statement of the Reverso Representative back in April, saying that it would be added to feature the following May. But here we are in the middle of June, and I don't see anything related to Font Size. When you use this feature a lot, as I do, Font Size becomes really important.I use mostly YouTube subtitles, very large ones, and the work great! But the Reverso Fonts must have been imagined by a 20 year old who thought his eyes would be forever young. Please introduce this feature soon. Thanks for an otherwise great product for language learners.

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