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Craig Smith

Jul 27, 2023

More results

When I use result hunter, it returns only one page of results per search How do I get more pages of results? This is very frustrating and limits it's usefulness.

Richard Stannard

Feb 23, 2023

JT - We have a radio show called The Conservative Thought Hour

We might want you as a guest on the show. Contact me at

Robert Johnson

Jan 30, 2023


DARK THEME please.
folks who work on computers all day, like me, are mostly "cellar dwellers" keeping in the dark. :)


Apr 6, 2022

I'm Really Not Crazy, Just Frustrated

I added it to my chrome browser but when I click on it, there's no where to go and nothing to accept. If I right click, it takes me back to the extension page. What am I doing wrong? I don't think it should be this hard. I know thousands of people who would love it but I have to get it to work first! Thank you -

fatima Rivas

Apr 6, 2022

Kevin gates

Who is he.?

fatima Rivas

Apr 6, 2022


Need my account for my Disability

Kathleen O'Connor

Jan 17, 2022

Unable to select

I have been using your wonderful app for almost a year, and I love it. But, I was trying to find some information about my cousins, and was not able to access it through Result Hunter so I went through Google. Now I am unable to get back on Result Hunter. There is no accept button just removal from Chrome. I will wait for an answer. Thanks for looking into this. I want to get back to your site.

John Misrasi

Dec 4, 2021

How to make Result Hunter my default

It won't let me select it. Jus askes to remove from chrome

Pall Bryin

Nov 21, 2021

I added to chrome but nothing to accept

I added to chrome but there is nothing to accept. the only option I have is to remove from chrome? I am not sure what to do?

Brendon and Natalie Cole

Nov 20, 2021

Fixed the Issue

Please disregard my last post about not having a background wallpaper. I found the setting and resolved the issue. All is good now.

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