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JL Pérez

May 22, 2024

Plugin not working on local sites

We have found an issue in your plugin that makes it not to work in local sites. It works on online.

If you install the Responsive Viewer fresh it wont work on local sites.
But we have found that interacting with other plugins you can make it work.

How to reproduce the issue:
Install uBlockOrigin (uBlockOrigin is not the issue, we just use it to generate the issue). Put it in blocking state.
Try a local site, click on responsive viewer. It wont work
Deactivate uBlockOrigin
Activate it
Withouth any further interaction the site will load the responsive extension. (As if something was stuck and this deactivation/activation of a third party extension worked)

You can also generate the same issue with another extension:
Toggle Javascript.

Install Toggle Javascript
Load a local site
Try Responsive Viewer
It wont work
Toggle Javascript off
Toggle Javascript on
Now the responsive viewer works

We have tried this in two different computers with different extensions installed

This issue happens after today's update
22 March 2024

Isma Luque

May 22, 2024

Local url not working

I have installed Chrome Version 125.0.6422.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) and with the latest version of the responsive viewer plugin 1.1.3, local project URLs have stopped working. Any public URL (on the internet) works, but local project URLs no longer function. Has something changed with the new version? Is there anything else needed?
Thank you very much.

Алексей Колбашов

May 18, 2024

Много ошибок

Было хорошее расширении, с обновлением стало намного хуже. Все сломали, что работало

Adriana Mucciolo

May 16, 2024

dont like the update

When I change from workspaces I have to reload the page and load the extension again. And now to change views (workspaces) it´s necessary two mouse clicks. This is very bad for productivity. Please, repair it.


Mar 29, 2023

Clicking on [Inspect by mouse] and an element, unable to find where I can see the codes.

Click on [Inspect by mouse] > Click on element > Unable to see the codes

Paul Sowten

Jan 6, 2023

Sync Scrolling & Clicks


What determines whether which active screens will sync scrolling and syncing?

Currently have 5 screens active, resolutions 390x844 , 375x812, 414x896, 767x767, 1280x800, and only the first 2 are syncing scrolling and syncing.



Lawrence San

Oct 24, 2022

Responsive Viewer not working right on my site.

Responsive Viewer seemed very useful at first... but I quickly discovered a problem that made it almost useless to me:
If I load my website into Responsive Viewer, it works fine with the home page or some of the main section front pages (such as clicking on the "Graphic Stories" image). However, _within_ my main sections (Graphic Stories, Illustration, and Sketchbook), none of the actual main images display: all I see is the logo and maybe navigation chrome, but the actual story pages, sketches, etc aren't there -- it's just blank.
When I load these pages normally (not using Responsive Viewer) they all display properly.
I'm guessing that the problem is that the site's main images & navigation rely on a combination of PHP and JavaScript. The navigation, especially, is mostly PHP-based. Does Responsive Viewer not support PHP? Or is there something I'm missing here?
Thanks, Lawrence San (

Ryan Mayer

Oct 23, 2022

Sites Refuse to Connect

Thanks for this plugin! It seems to have a lot of promise, and I can't wait to have it working for me! I'm having an issue (probably a user issue) with any site I put in "refusing to connect," so I can't see the sites. I've tried on as well to make sure it wasn't anything with the websites I build, but still nothing. What could I be doing wrong?

Catherine Le Gressus

Sep 19, 2022

can't add a scrren

(320 * 568), the popup asked me for an "agent". don't know what it is. could you help ?


Aug 31, 2022

URL sync


Extension is great, but if you have per example one Desktop view and one Mobile view. Yuu have to click on both screens to sync the pages again or retype the URL.

Would be great to have a URL sync function that updates all vieuws based on "main" viewport that changes URL / flow

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