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Кирилл Веселов

May 11, 2024


how do I access the extension settings?


Oct 5, 2022

not matching query string

How do I replace https:/ (where 'id' is different each time) with my script (via file injection or loading from localhost)? The tab is matched, but the addon won't match the script url.


May 3, 2022

Doesn't work on youtube

This doesn't work when redirecting youtube URLs

Ashish goel

Apr 2, 2021

Add Search box in Edit file

Can you please add a search box to locate the js or css file in edit file section? or when we click on edit file it should show the same file code currently its blank.

Ittai Baratz

Mar 16, 2021

Service workers

Hi there!
Is it possible to use this extension on a website using a service worker?
Thank you

Markus Westbrook

Feb 17, 2021

Cannot Disable


After disabling the extension and even uninstalling it, the modifications made to websites are still the same. How would I fix this?


Andrew Westlund

Jul 17, 2020

Breaks with Chrome 84

It seems like this extension broke after I updated to Chrome 84 this week. I tried enabling/disabling it, and also uninstalling/reinstalling, but still nothing...

Nitin Surana

Jun 8, 2020

Doesn't seem to work

Tried on to replace a profile image url. Double-checked but it's not cache.

Adam Haining

Jan 29, 2020

Not working

I enabled the log and can see a rule matching, which should be replacing one URL for another, but it doesn't actually work. It used to. Is there a recent change in Chrome where I need to enable some setting to get this to work?

kritin sai

Mar 17, 2019

Chrome sync

How to sync the rules between computers?

Google apps