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David Hawley

Aug 31, 2022

So, where is the output and how do I use it

I can run the extension, upload a file, specify the options, and 'run it'. But then what?
In what contexts does this work? How do I use the output?

VVin Joharkar

Jan 25, 2022

I couldn't find "Add to Chrome"option for this extension in my Android..

I couldn't find "Add to Chrome"option for this extension in my Android..


Dec 9, 2021

bir fotğrafı nasıl yeniden boyutlandırabilirim ?

resizing app nasıl çalıştırlabilir

Ramiro Rela

Jan 30, 2021

Resize from the current web page?

I didn't see any way to use the current images of a web page as input. Is there one?

Rick Adams

Aug 30, 2020


I would like to resize in inches rather than pixels, is that possible?

Jaydutt Joshi

Aug 16, 2020

Bulk Optimization

Is it possible to optimize a large number of images at the same time?

Salma Headley-Blythe

Aug 9, 2020

Pixals upload

Ok so my pictures have to be 1.4.1 4060 x 2900 which does not make sense to me on this app what do I select please ?

Craig Allen

Jun 30, 2020

Icon does not appear in extension icon list

I've installed it, but see no icon. I can see it in Chromes extensions list, but disabling/reenabling makes no difference. I closed/reopened Chrome - no difference.

Vegan Babe

Jan 23, 2020

using app

how do I use the app?? I added it to Chrome, but where do I go from here? Thanks

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