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Sarah ForrestMay 22, 2024

I just downloaded this extension to my ReMarkable 2 and I love it! I especially love that I can read charts and tables in articles now! Thank you.

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Peter HuttaApr 4, 2024

Thank you, works perfectly when using as download feature, however I get an error every time I try to send directly to ReMarkable

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Erik BrinkmanDeveloperApr 13, 2024

What kind of error are you getting? If you report it here: I can take a look and see if I can address it.

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Simon BFeb 26, 2024

What a remarkable (pun intended) extension! I don't own a Remarkable, but I do use e-ink to read everything, and I've discovered that aside from its intended purpose, it is hands down the best web-to-epub extension, with the cleanest formatting and no obnoxious ads or logos. THANKYOU developer.

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IgorJan 11, 2024

It's skipping images for me. Some of the article's images aren't included in the epub. Anyone else got this problem?

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Erik BrinkmanDeveloperJan 15, 2024

Unfortunately this is a known issue. If you're willing to report what websites it's not working on here [] I can work towards diagnosing. Sometimes websites load images dynamically, so they won't show up. Other times the summarizer [\ decides not to include them, which can also be difficult to fix.

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AniNov 23, 2023

Great simple extension. Happy to have found it. You can easily select the reMarkable as a "printer" and send articles, documents etc. to the reMarkable. Thank you for developing this dear sir!

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Doug EsteyNov 21, 2023


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garcia_t22Nov 14, 2023

Absolutely amazing, I can now read articles that have graphs and important pictures on it, a game changer, thanks for your hard work.

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Huang WeiOct 6, 2023

This is truly remarkable! A heartfelt thank you to the author for creating this incredible tool. I had been struggling with the official extension, which frustratingly lacked support for images. My only choice was to send PDFs, which we all know isn't an ideal solution. But now, with just a single click, I can immerse myself in my reading with flawless formatting. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you once again!

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George EnciuJul 31, 2023

Really nice and easy to use extension, I've been sending all my reading material to the reMarkable due to this. I recommend it

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anonym synonymJun 14, 2023

I am pleased to have this extension to use it with my remarkable, though I am not sure if I am missing something as I can only download the webpage as epub and have to upload it to remarkable through their desktop app. The direct send option to remarkable is not available to me right now, not sure if it is just me or that functionality is non-existent. Also it would be nice to have the ability to change the fonts it it is possible in future updates.

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Erik BrinkmanDeveloperJul 22, 2023

If you you right-click on the extension you can go to "options". From there you should be able to select "Upload article to reMarkable" and then upload in one-click after linking your remarkable account. There is an option to toggle the font between "Maison Neue" and "EB Garamond". It doesn't look, like the current version of rm supports Maison Neue any more, and this should be updated to "Noto Serif". Would you prefer the full selection of fonts?

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