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Aaron Shepardson

May 16, 2024

Logged me out

Can't log back on. I am using the proper username and password. I clicked "Forgot Password" but no reset email has been received.

Malek Yowel

Jun 21, 2023

Replay It

How can we strive to get this app to play without wifi via video being saved on the app in a storage file...???

Brodie Miller

Dec 22, 2021

Full Screen

Is there any way that the image can be full screen?

Mary Neeld

Jul 5, 2020

Base requirements

We've been using this addon for our trampoline program and it's fantastic! I'd like to know more how it works as we're trying to implement it on a larger scale. We purchased a small form factor PC but the CPU output was working flat out and didn't quite have the juice. It was an intel pentium class processor. Do you know what sort of PC specification I should be looking at purchasing to run this on a video feed of 720 resolution 90fps?

Kind Regards,

John Fitzpatrick

Feb 15, 2019

No Video, only Blue Screen

I believe there is a problem in the app getting permission to use the web camera. I've tried to find a way to allow the app to use the camera but not security settings options seem to work. Please help!

Fabian Straß

Feb 4, 2019

Blue Screen only

Hello. I only see a blue screen, when I started the app, althought my Web Cam is working. I also tried it with an external Web Cam, but the problem remains. I noticed the app is not included in my Google Chrome app collection.
I need the app for teaching sport in school. Any ideas how I can get it to work? Thanks!

Jürgen Bleich

Jan 20, 2019

Kein Bild

Ich bekomme bei der App immer nur ein blaues Bild angezeigt, obwohl ich sehen kann, dass die Cam (integriert oder extern über USB) eingeschaltet wurde.
Hab es auf zwei verschiedenen Geräten (Laptop von Acer und dem Surface Pro i7) versucht. Ist immer das gleiche Ergebnis


Sep 29, 2018

System Resources

Hello, how does this utilize computer resources to generate a delay? Is it taxing memory or utilizing storage space? As a coach, I am planning to run a 2.5 hour recording session every day for practice with this app because of its delay capability.

Chippa Campbell

May 7, 2018

Aspect ratio


when I plug in a usb camera it displays the video in 4:3 aspect ratio rather than 16:9.

In all other programs and applications the aspect ratio is correct and there are no problems, this seems to be the only one that the problem seems to be with.

When using the inbuilt camera on the laptop it shows the correct aspect ratio

Matthew Carpenter

Mar 22, 2018

Camera not starting

I use it fine and its awesome. Then any time I adjust the time or close my comp it wont work again. I need to restart my computer to get it working

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