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Joel Mussman

Mar 11, 2024

Looking for length property on undefined.

On a simple page off of http://localhost:4000 (a development server) I'm seeing that regex_list in the following code is undefined. Maybe make the for loop condition regex_list && i < regex_list.length?

function setTitle(result) {
if(result[document.URL]) {
document.title = result[document.URL];
else {
var regex_list = result["regex"];
for (i = 0; i < regex_list.length; i += 2) {
if (document.URL.match(regex_list[i])) {
document.title = regex_list[i+1];

Brett Alan StrollS

Nov 24, 2023

Love your extension. However I having issue with one site.

I have a tab that constantly is getting refreshed with stock price from I dont want this to happen because I always have multiple tabs open that appear to look the same but arent. I want to rename these but the tab is constantly getting refreshed. Is there anyway that I can keep the tab from being dynamic? ...currently it attempts to change it and then it insta goes back to the dynamic stock price.

Nhim con

Oct 10, 2023

is it possible to add prefix to all website

hi,is it possible to add prefix to all website ,
for example i want to add prefix "039-" to all site
the expected result is :
when i visit , the title is "039-Google"

Amber Timms

Nov 28, 2022

Not saving renamed tabs

I've been using this product for a couple of years. It used to save the tab name I created from use to use, and now I have to rename the tab each time I open it from my bookmark bar. When will the save feature be available again?

Muhammad Murad

Mar 13, 2022

I want the bookmark name to appear as tab title.

How can i have the bookmark name is chose for the url, to appear as the tab's title?

Sérgio Loureiro

Jan 28, 2022

Can not make it work

I am trying to get rid of the (Number) notifications on page titles from sites like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. but not succeeding.

Tried with the following:


Added Regex:
\(.*\) (.*)

This is how that extension dialog looks like:

I refreshed those pages and I continue to see those annoying notification counters in page titles on tabs. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Phil Bryant

Dec 1, 2020

Websites overwrite the tab name when navigating internally

I've set a tab name of Azure for But when I navigate internally by clicking on Event Hubs, the tab name is overwritten. This happens even when I have set a regex.

Same happens for many other sites such as Gmail

Sergiu Oanea

Oct 26, 2020

Question regarding implementation

Hello. Great work with the extension.

I have to update the tab's title while working on one of my extensions. I've search for an API to do it, but it seems that is not possible to change tab's title with `chrome.tabs.update()`.

Do you mind pointing me in the right direction of how you've implemented it? Thanks.

Craig Lambie

May 14, 2020


Hi mate,
Great idea for an extension - so many sites name the page title wrong... I often end up with 8 tabs the same name. Xero are useless.... my main bug bear atm.
So I am using to make sure my RegEx is working with the URL I am looking at. Except it isn't working.
If I save the one URL it works, but I want it to change the title on any sub page, etc. anything relating to the URL part I am looking at.
In this case
URLs (adjusted for privacy)

Both work in RegEx tester website, but not in the extension.
Your extension does work if I save the URL, for exactly that URL only, if case changes, it doesn't work anymore, hence moving to RegEx.


Stefan Günther

Nov 23, 2019

Youtube problem

I used the tool to rename my youtube tab, but it changed back after the video switched via playlist.

I need the title to stay no matter what happens.

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