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Batuhan ŞASI

Mar 16, 2023

The extension doesn't work with the new Google site name and favicon update (March 2023)


Thank you for this free extension first of all. It stopped working since the new Google desktop site name and favicon update.


Keri Young

Jan 9, 2023

Remove Breadcrumbs extension issues with Google's New Continuous Scrolling Feature

Recently (Dec 2022) Google changed its search results on desktop from individual pages to continuous scrolling. Search results will only load six pages of results before you need to click a button that says “More Results.” The issue I'm seeing is that the first page of results loads correctly with the breadcrumbs removed then the rest of the results (next 5 pages plus all of the other results shown after clicking all "More Results" buttons) continue to show the breadcrumb. Fingers crossed that you are able to get the plugin working again with Google's new way of displaying results.

Jacques Luong

Jul 18, 2021

features right side bar

Hi Guys,

I am following the seo blueprint and installed breadcrumb plugin.

But It doesn't display the features and options with the side bar.

Thank you.

Luis Maia

Mar 28, 2021

.pt and Opera

Hello Glen, can "" be included? It does not work in Opera Browser after beeing imported from chrome extensions. This extension is very useful, thanks!

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