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A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 31, 2016

Quick distraction fix

Greetings, your extension is just what I have been looking for, the bonus chime feature is fantastic.

However, I think it would help aesthetically to have the reminder placed above the time or an option not to display the time in the popup. The text for the reminder is small and hard to read as it is now.

Thank you!

michael thompson

Sep 21, 2015

just some tweaks about the item

Would love to get in contact with you about some options as i use this daily and would love to contribute some funds to its use. My email is i look forwad to your reply


Oct 2, 2014

app synchronization

Are you going to update this app so that the reminders will synchronize between computers? (I use one computer at home and one at office)

Ahmed Ali

Jul 18, 2013

Stopped working


With the new update to chrome browser, the remindemelater extension has stopped working. It does not shows any notifications.

Ty Wood

Dec 10, 2012

Is this ever coming out of beta?

It's been in beta quite some time. Are there plans to remove it from beta soon?

Rob Hill

Sep 21, 2012


Cannot see all of the calendar to click on

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