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Yanbin Liu (Robin)

Jun 18, 2024

Please roll back the function of the spacebar hotkey for pronouncing the word

Firstly, let us try to reach a consensus on some of the concepts. The previous expressions using 'question' and 'answer' may cause some confusion. Let us use 'vocabulary' and 'definitions'. The context of our discussion is that the user picks up 'vocabulary' from the website page, and this extension offers some relevant 'definitions' through Google Translate for the user to choose from. Most users use this extension to memorize foreign vocabulary, so 'vocabulary' is in foreign, and 'definitions' is in native. As well as study foreign vocabulary or memorize it, including its three study factors: the definitions, the pronunciation, and the spelling. The process of memorition is to build the relation of those three factors in our brain. By the way, this extension has three modes: Classic, Listening, and Typing. The first two modes can switch 'Reverse mode' on and off. Because the typing mode can be regarded as a high-level or difficult 'Reverse Classic mode', I will only discuss Classic, Reverse Classic, Listening, and Reverse Listening four modes. The function of each mode is to use one or two factors of vocabulary as hints to help users recall the other hiding factor.

Secondly, my contention is that pronunciation of words is a vital factor in vocabulary memorization and should be easily accessible (easy to repeat listen) to users at the stage they need. For using this extension to learn a new word, which stage is the most crucial stage? Of course, it is the period after showing the answer. If I can't recall the hidden factor, it means I didn't remember the word, and I need to spend time building the relationship. Then I choose to show the answer, write down the spelling, browse the explanation, and listen to the pronunciation. This scenario is the most time-consuming and core stage for using this extension. So, no matter which mode, after showing the answer, the spelling, definition, and pronunciation of that vocabulary should be easily available to users at the same time. But after this version update, in the normal Classic and Listening mode, the shortcut key has been updated to narrate the 'definitions', and listening to the pronunciation of the word requires moving the mouse, which has become more difficult than before.

Finally, in that usage scenario, as you described, the user does not even need to look at the screen, which I don't understand why the user needs it. Learners need to listen, speak, watch, and write at the same time in order to achieve learning goals quickly and efficiently. The value of this extension is determined by user need(memorize vocabulary), not by whether the hotkeys cycle is closed or not.

In short, the pronunciation of words, like spelling and definition, is a significant element of word memorization and should be readily available to users during the learning process.

Yanbin Liu (Robin)

Jun 17, 2024

Who wnna listen the answer?

Here is your reply:"The current behavior is the following: while the answer is hidden, Spacebar will trigger pronunciation of the question, and after the answer is revealed - the answer. Same in Reverse mode, when you want to hear the pronunciation of the original after revealing the answer."

I know what the behavior is.

What my question is why you guys think there will be some user wanna use hotkey to listen the pronunciation of the answer not the question? Not matter in Reverse mode or not, not mattere the answer is hide or not, I always wannna repeat listenning the question, not the answer, by hotkey. The question is my study target, which I need repeat listen, listen, listen, whilst the answer mostly is my native languge, I know what it sound like. By the way, using hotkey is because my right hand hold a pen.

Егор Ковалёв

May 28, 2024

Problems with new version

Yesterday, I had an automatic extension reload. Then, I started to learn words. But in Learning Mode "Typing", I noticed that after submitting a word, the "Easy" button is missing; only "Normal" and "Hard" buttons are available. Additionally, I no longer see information like "Correct Answer" "Normal" or "Incorrect" I love your extension very much. Thank you! I hope you receive this message.

Selcuk Sahin

May 4, 2024

sync problem with another device

I created my Gmail account on a different PC, but the saved data didn't sync. How can I access my saved data?

Yun Wu

Nov 21, 2023

Bothering icon

When I used to translate on one of my previous devices, I used to select the text directly and it would get translated automatically. Now when I use it, every time I select the text, a little thinking icon pops up. Only when I click on the icon does the translation result appear. Can you please tell me how to eliminate the step of clicking on the icon so that I can just select it and translate it?

Matthis DOLISY

Oct 3, 2023

the extension stopped registering words

Hello, the extension stopped registering the words translated. I think there is a bug such as there is no new words added anymore onto the existing list. Can you help me please ?

tamás Sipos

Sep 18, 2023

Closing window when I click out

Hi, I like the extension although I have a little issue. If I want to copy and paste any text to the pop up window to add custom translation the pop up window closes and I can not add the text. Is there any solution for the window to not be closed if I click out from the input box? Many thanks for the advice!

Andrew F.

Sep 15, 2023

Problem with translation

I have the same issue with this extension to translate English to Spanish, Help

Rinat Gelman

Sep 15, 2023

Problem with translation

The platform stopped to translate from English to Hebrew.
moreover, i tried to remove it and re-install it, and all my saved cards dissapeared

Please help


Sep 14, 2023

Doesn't translate on word from English to Arabic (Pop-up)

There is a problem I still found it.
I use English to Arabic translate option, but when I translate one word in English (by opening pop-up icon page), nothing shows. (Same with Google Translate extension)

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