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Jason Skowronek

Jun 25, 2024

Identified potential issue with saved, grouped tabs

I believe I've identified the issue in failing to refresh grouped tabs. It appears to be related to "saved" grouped tabs, newer feature I believe. May want to look into it. Once I removed the "saved" for my group tabs, refresh all started working again.


Apr 5, 2024

Why does this extension need to access browsing history?

I was about to install it till I saw the extension accesses browsing history.

Moses Olwal Otieno (The Biggman)

Jun 20, 2023

Extra Tab Opens when i reload all tabs

Everytime I reload all tabs, the plugin will always open another tab redirecting to this link,

I find it bothering me, how can this be disabled.


May 30, 2022

Context menu

How to activate the plugin in the enable context menu?

John Medway

Mar 5, 2022

Is this going to be updated for newer versions of Chrome?

It's been broken for several versions now, and I've seen nothing going on in the github comments and commits.

Billy Wooten

Jul 21, 2021

After Chrome 90.x.x.x updates this no longer works

This plugin is no longer working on 90/91/92 versions of chrome. Reinstallation does not help remedy this problem.

Joost “Yoast” Rooijmans

Jun 22, 2021

No longer working

Seems like in Chrome Version, this extension is no longer working. No reaction while clicking the button or using the shortcut.

Bruce Marshall

Jun 10, 2021

It didn't work

I installed the extension in chrome, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I can't find the action button, the keyboard shortcut doesn't work, and nothing seems to happen.

Robert Eberl

Jan 16, 2021

Great Thanks but need help!

Hi is there a way to auto reload the page with a timer that affects all windows (not tabs)?

Robert Bernstein

Jul 30, 2020

Can you fix this problem? Only some tabs reload in latest version?

Can you fix this problem? Only some tabs reload in latest version?

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