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Ali Eldolimi

Apr 25, 2024

No 7 days free

There is no 7 days free it is lay

amit yadav

Jan 31, 2024

not working auto booker

how to use auto booker

LettsGOLogistics Info

Dec 22, 2023

App not refreshing

App is not refresh


Dec 11, 2023

How is working Autobook?

I set up everything for Autobook a job , all ok, but when the job is showing on the screen i swa there I need to accept that job, I am very sorry but this is not an Autobook, when I buy this I though when I setup everything I will get the job straigh away, without click some button. Please explain how is workin this extension. Thank you

H Singh

Oct 9, 2023

amazon alert

i am interested in buying but just yesterday got message in one of their quick tips that pop up. Extensions usage can have account suspended.

Gheorghe Tantean

Sep 26, 2023

app no funcciona

la App no funcciona desde ayer 25.09.2023

Adona a

Sep 25, 2023

app does not refresh the load board..

the app does not refresh the page anymore


May 4, 2023

Doesn't work

app not working


Apr 7, 2023

Cancelling the subscription

Can you please help me to cancel the subs ?


Nov 24, 2022

I bought the wrong one

Is any chance to pay just the diference for Swift Pron one please, I payed for wrong one.
Thank you

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