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A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 4, 2018

i would like to see it on github

Hi Zudwa,

I really like this plugin and looks clean at first glance,
I would like to see it on github.


A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 6, 2018

hotkey on mac?

The CTRL-SHIFT-F hotkey doesn't work on my Mac. Same for CMD-SHIFT-F.

I don't know if you support "find next" ( CTRL-SHIFT-G / CMD-SHIFT-G on Mac) but I'd love it if you did.

As it is, your plugin highlights all matching patterns, which helps, but I'd really like it to jump to the first, then next, next, etc... just like Chrome's normal FIND.


Ming Fai LAU

Feb 28, 2017

Continually Enable scroll-bar coloring after leaving search bar

Hi Zudwa,
This is a very helpful extension to me.

One thought. Once I manually scroll the scroll-bar using mouse drag, the scroll-bar color would disappear. Would it be possible to continue to enable it, even user manually drag the scroll-bar using mouse?

Thank you for the great app!

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