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Владислав М

Jul 14, 2022

import / export ?

import / export ?

yiu chau lin

May 2, 2021

Entry Limit

Is there a limit to the number of terms to find and replace?

Willie P

Dec 12, 2020


will this work in/with devtools?


Nov 22, 2019

Certain regular expressions break websites

I have noticed that this extension breaks some websites including the homepage and search page when using two basic regular expressions such as:

I'm sure there are many more regular expressions that will also do this.

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 14, 2018


How can I save backup to load my regex in new SO installations?

Alejandro Fuentes

Mar 8, 2018

How does it work?

How do I use it? Any manual?

Philip McGeehan

Feb 23, 2017

Replace div id

Can this replace the id of a div?

I'd like to be able to change:
<div id="__nq__hh"

<div id="somethingelse"


PrimeTime Sports & Entertainment Inc.

Oct 2, 2016

Trying to replace text with an image

Trying to replace 'London Knights' with

"<img src="" height=25>"

Any way to make this work?

dRAke RafE

Feb 2, 2016

its working ...

but ... its not working when its real html like <body> or any other element

i want to replace :
<img src="blabla"
to :
<img src="../blabla"

how can i replace that sir ?


May 8, 2015

use it with wildcards?

How to use it with wildcards?
as example
http://.*/out\.php?s=http://.* -> http://$2

would be nice too if to see other example with regex too

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