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Matt Brooks

Nov 8, 2023

Updated Chrome extension


Since the Seesaw extension has been updated (with the new logo), it no longer embeds screenshots in an activity that you have open. It generates a new journal post. It was brilliant that children could work on an activity and then add a screenshot into it seamlessly. Even if they try to copy and paste the screenshot that appears in the new journal post into the activity that they're working on (using ctrl+c and ctrl+v), it crops the image, so you lose half of it. Please help!

mary harrison

Sep 11, 2020

sea saw class

it says there is a block remove it

mary harrison

Sep 11, 2020

sea saw app


Ricki Dee

May 27, 2020

Ricki here again!!

Your network, firewall, browser settings, or device is blocking some parts of Seesaw from loading. Click here for more information on how to unblock Seesaw.
The following files are experiencing errors:
shared-ext.bundle.js, app-ext.bundle.js

This is what my message says, when I try to access my student's work!!

Ricki Dee

May 27, 2020

Why can't I open this up at home, when I can at school...I am a teacher and it keeps telling I am blocked?

I was able to initially open all my comments and work from parents on my home computer. All of a sudden, it is telling me that I have a firewall blocking it or something to that effect!! I have tried to see if I can fix it, I cannot!!

Antonios Syriopoulos

Jan 15, 2020

When they click on the extension button, nothing happens.

When they click on the extension button, nothing happens.

John Walker

Sep 27, 2019


can not see my childs journel it has been set up by the teacher but can not access it on my pc i have downloaded the app for chrome but no access

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