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Max O'Neill

Jul 24, 2020


I have never done this before, for any software, app, game, or extension. However, I love the idea of this extension, and I love using it.

I wanted to share some suggestions that would improve usage:
1. Allow me to adjust make a custom whitelist time for different websites. For example, I have Netflix and Facebook blocked. When I have an accepted reflection for Netflix, I want to be able to have a whitelist time of 60 minutes for one episode of my favorite documentary series. However, on Facebook, I do not want it to be more than 5 minutes; just enough time for me to reply to a messenger query for my business but not enough to get distracted and scroll.

2. I wish the accepted prompts made more sense. There are many times I use key words I do not mean, because I know they are accepted, although I know my true purpose is just as important and needed.

Max Sawyer

Jul 19, 2020

More Developed Acceptable Answers

I wish I could put in what is an acceptable answer to the prompt. For example, I blocked Amazon, but I needed a buy a medication. I wish I could put a word such as "necessary" to help trigger the recognition.

This app, by the way, is an amazing idea.

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