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Jaime Pretell

Dec 8, 2014

Redskins is offensive per se, but...

It isn't just the name itself that is the problem. While names like Negroes, Palefaces, Slanteyes, are offensive and racist, the very act of using Native Americans as a whole as mascots is racist as well. Therefore, making Native Americans, Natives, Indians, etc appear instead of Redskins, doesn't change the offensive nature of the name. We do not have the Blacks, Whites, or Asians either. Native Americans describes an entire continent of people (read 'race') who have been subjected to prejudice and stereotyping. It is quite different if you use a name of a specific tribe's nation that no longer exists and is historical (read Vikings or Redknifes (extinct tribe in Canada)), or an existing people (Irish or Cherokee), if the majority of that tribe don't object), or a warrior class like pirates and braves/warriors). But when you use a racial term, whether politically correct or offensive, is still a racial term, and still is stereotyping a huge a diverse group of people. Let your app change the name to warriors or something else, but when it changes Redskins to Native Americans, Natives, or Indians, it is still offensive to us.

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