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Nathan Wang

Nov 9, 2018

Not all of the hidebar is hidden

For Reference:

When browsing certain sub-reddits depending on how they design their sidebar (generally only with hyperlinked images) not all of the hidebar will hide resulting in an overlaid image on top of the subreddit's contents.

This occurs on several other subreddits historically just wanted to make you aware.

Nilas Ingemann

Mar 7, 2017

doesnt work??

Doesnt work on r/askreddit

Michael Lucignani

Apr 15, 2016

missing toggle toolbar option

I've noticed /r/Askreddit does not show the toggle sidebar option. In order to make a post I have to disable this extension in Chrome. Please fix this but Ive also noticed some strange behavior in some subreddits. There needs to be an option from the icon at the top to simply disable/pause this extension temporarily then resume, like ad blocks give you the option per site.

Right now theres only an option to Remove the extension, hide the button or take you to the chrome extensions settings, no pause option.

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