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Nathan Guy

Aug 6, 2018

Does not work in old.reddit.

Hide sidebar button does not seem to work in old.reddit.


Jun 23, 2018

Please add it, everyone loves you, work again :D

Pound Foot

Jun 6, 2018

Please include

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 5, 2018

redesign errors

can you include in the list of domains bc i'm not going to the new verson it seems like they're intentionally making life difficult bc all my extensions dont work

michael hurley

Mar 28, 2017

Content margin size

On some reddit pages while the sidebar is hidden the content div has a margin the same size as the sidebar. Currently im using a user script to add css to reddit pages to remove the margin.
Below is css I'm adding
'body > div.content {margin-right:5px;}'


May 9, 2016

Opera Version

Hey, I've been using this extension on chrome for a long time, but I recently switched to Opera and I was hoping you can put this up on opera's extension store so it can be installed on opera too.

Please and thank you!

Ryan D

Sep 9, 2014

https support

Hello - When switching to reddit https, the hide sidebar link is removed. https is new for reddit, but I bet a bunch of people will switch over. Any way we can update the extension to include https:// ?


Mar 7, 2014

Content is not stretched in all subreddits

In certain subreddits the sidebar is removed but the content field is not expanded to the right, leaving an empty space.
This for example happens inside of threads on /r/pcgaming (but not on it's main page) and on all pages including the main page of /r/Wildstar.

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