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Michael Marotta

Dec 21, 2022

Show main text post as well

Could you add the main text post at the top of the popover in addition to the comments? It would be great to have both show up together.

jeevesh sharma

Apr 17, 2020

when i use it with dark reader issue

when i use darkreader contrast full black,then it dowsnt look viewable

James Spooner

Mar 5, 2020

Which comment sort is used?

Thank you

Paul B.

Feb 25, 2020

Add other sites

It would be nice if other sites that use similar software as reddit could be added to this extension. I have in mind. thank you.

Ronald Smith

Sep 20, 2017

Top part hidden under toolbars

I cannot find a way to reposition the pop up window so it isn't hidden under the top toolbar

Notracking Private

Sep 14, 2017

resize window causes it to activate

If you resize the chrome window it will activate a random comments section


Jul 7, 2017

Firefox version soon?

Love this add-on any chance it will come to firefox soon?

Kaden Badalian

Apr 20, 2017

Subreddits don't go away

The list of subreddits that goes accross the very top of the web page doesn't collapse at the top of the screen like it does without the extension. It just kindof blocks everything in it's path too (like where it has the links for Hot, New,...)
I really like your extension otherwise! Thanks for making it.

Avi Cohn

Aug 19, 2016

Blank white box

How do I get my comment preview functional again? Stopped working last night. Restarted chrome. No luck.

Dang Moua

Aug 17, 2016

Blank white box

Since yesterday all the extension has been doing is showing a blank box on the top left with nothing in it. How to fix this?

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