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James Van Parys

May 30, 2021

Tipping plugin not working


Why isn't this plugin not working anymore?
It seems a lot more usable then the tipping bot.
Is the aim of the project to ever have a tipping button alongside a existing post on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram?
That would be much more interesting then a plugin or bot will ever be I think.

Kind regards


Bryan Roller

Apr 17, 2020

How can I get my RDD off the wallet since it no longer works?

Hi - hope you're doing as well as possible given the times. I posted a comment a while back (I think), but I have some coins on the wallet and would like to get them off but the app is disabled. Any ideas?

Bryan Roller

Nov 20, 2019

Have some RDD locked in an address - app is greyed out

I still have my seed words, but doesn't look like the app is working any longer. Any ideas on how I can get my RDD out?

viy Beker

Oct 2, 2018

кошелек не понятно в дополнение есть показывает создан но ID не знай где

кошелек не понятно в дополнение есть показывает создан но ID не знай где
надо подробно и проще

Yet Another User

May 16, 2018

not working

wallet installed and sync. can'r access options.

Dustin D

Feb 2, 2018

Grey icon?

Can't access options.

Paul Alexander

Feb 1, 2018

tutorial de pasos por favor

tutorial de pasos por favor

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 31, 2018

Greyed out in Chrome

I installed and synced the wallet, there are funds in the wallet and the Chrome extension is installed.

However it's doing nothing. The plugin icon is greyed out, as is 'Options'.

What is wrong?

@Andy, this plugin could use a clear manual btw, I you need help let me know.

naldy bibe

Jan 30, 2018

Chrome - Option Greyed out

The options menu is greyed out. How to go about this?

naldy bibe

Jan 30, 2018

Kudos to Devs

Great Job Guys.

Google apps