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Paula Finsand

Jan 25, 2024

cannot log into account

i was logged in but was getting the "uh oh" message so i went to log out and it logged me out but now when i go to log in it wont let me and it just refreshes the log in page.

Courtney Henthorn

Apr 7, 2023

invalid date

I am a heavy user of rectxt as a recruiter it is my main way of communicating with candidates. I am not able to send out texts this morning. When I send, the text turns green and says "invalid date" Please advise on this matter as I need this to be workly properly asap. thanks

Maya Skolnik

Jan 6, 2023

Potential client - questions

Hi Brian/Rectxt, I am considering using your service but have a couple of questions.
1) do you have a functionality included that creates short or tiny URLs when texting for example, a link to a job to apply to?
2) Is there any kind of "nudging" automation for when you text someone and the don't respond? Something that a user can schedule, and if the person you are reaching out to does respond, automatically shuts off?
3) Is there any kind of reporting Dashboard on total stats of the recruiter's texting activity?
4) If I sign up, what are the support options? Any SLAs in place?

Thank you,

Bruce Armstrong

Oct 3, 2022

Issues after 2022-09-20 update

We are using your Extension via Group Policy for Smart Recruiters. Since the September update we have not been able to get the Extension to use the "ExtensionInstallForcelist". It is still listed in the GPO, and the ExtensionSettings are being applied but the extension itself if not installed. Any advise/assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kristen Kunath

Aug 10, 2022

Logging In

Hi there, myself and my team continue to have issues logging in where the login page is unavailable. This has been happening on and off for the last 2 weeks. We've tried clearing our cache which has not helped. Is there anything else we should be doing?

Thank you,

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