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Manon Berben

May 21, 2020

Doesn`t work with LinkedIn

Tried deleting the extension twice and restarting my PC. Still not working.
Does work with Facebook, but this is not a sourcing channel for me.
Please fix!

Oxygen HR

May 20, 2020

Extension does not work on linkedin

I have added extension but it is not working . When i clicked on that extension on linkedin then it shows ony linkedin page, Does not showing recruitee page to source data.

Jenny Pavlova

Apr 3, 2020

Doesn't worh

Extension doesn't work by me with LinkedIn. I did all with a help of instruction


Feb 19, 2020


Hi, is Linkedin already added and working? Best regards, Matthijs

Barbora Floriánová

Jan 16, 2020

Not working

Hi, I just added the extension and when I click on it when I have a profil on LinkedIn then nothing is happening, not working...

Tiago Melo

Nov 22, 2019

LinkedIn support

Please add LinkedIn support, guys! That is the number 1 source for most recruiters!

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 17, 2018

Asking to sign in

I signed up for Recruitee through google account and have installed the extension through recruitee link but it then asks me ti sign in. Have used google credentials but it says its the wrong username/password

Paul Indolean

Jul 19, 2018


when I click the extension nothing happens - I tried refreshing, restarting the browser as well as the pc but nothing changes

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