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Anoir Ben Tanfous

Aug 14, 2023


ReClipped: YouTube Notes & Screenshots collects the following:

Personally identifiable information
For example: name, address, email address, age, or identification number

Striker Vance

Apr 8, 2023

Snapshot function only works about half the time

No problems with snippets, but snapshots are not dependable. This is a show stopper for me. Please advise.


Jan 15, 2023

there are some severe bugs

Your website is great, but there are some severe problems.
1. I am unable to successfully load video files with Chinese names from my local hard disk.
but when I change the video's name to English, I can load it successfully.
It's not convenient to change it around, so please debug this.


2. After I loaded a failed video, my home page has some bugs.
My snippets page can't load the failed video successfully, and it will say "internal server error."
My video page can't load my videos so that i can't delete them.
please resolve this problems especially no2, thank you very much.

Abdelrhman Mostafa

Dec 18, 2022


when I payed by visa for basic plan it told me about how many money vs my country money and I approved then I can't subscribe and only .50 $ is transferred from my credit & extension not activated yes

Prantik Biswas

Jul 15, 2022

Cant login using google

Is your server temporarily down because i cannot login into my account through google. Please let me know when will i be able to login.

Jon Youshaei

Aug 8, 2021

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts?

Loving this app so far! But it looks like the shortcuts only work on Windows not Mac? What are the shortcuts for Mac (especially for writing a summary note)?

Boudewijn Bertsch

Jul 14, 2021

No access anymore

I signed up for the basic package and am still in my trial period, but since yesterday I can no longer reach you website, or use the service. Is your service terminated?

Leandro Henflen

Oct 6, 2020

Error in Safari 14 about 3rd party cookies

I get this error when I'm in YouTube
*Please enable third party cookies from your Browser settings to avoid any issues.
When I go to Safari' settings I couldn't find the 3rd party cookies option.

Is there a way to fix this?


Im a Mystery

Aug 16, 2019

Can not save snippets

"404 not found" is getting displayed. Notes can not be saved.

Im a Mystery

Jun 5, 2019

Loop Option

Adding loop option for snippet will be a great help

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