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Ty Mondragon

Feb 17, 2024

Site buttons don't work when closing modal

After either closing the modal via "close recipe" button or clicking outside of the modal, most buttons don't work on the website. I have to disable the recipe filter on the site, then reload the page to be able to access other site features.
Love the extension but it needs a bit refinement. Thx!

martin benowitz

Sep 27, 2023

all I want is the gravalax recipe I clicked on and instead you put me through these gymnastics to make me sign up for something I don't want

how about just letting me download the ny times recipe for gravalax.

Mona Winn

Feb 28, 2023



Adam Reusche

Jul 15, 2022

Hellofresh Support

I love your extension. You are doing God's work.
Could you add support for Hellofresh's website?
They intentionally make it difficult to get the recipes off of their page in a printable format.
Thank you so much!

Aaron moss

May 14, 2022

getting the roboform download

can't seem to get the download.

Gene Roseberry

May 12, 2022

dark mode

I use Dark Reader to make most of the web much darker, but the recipe popup doesn't get the dark treatment. Is that something you could fix? Or Dark Reader? Or am I just stuck?

Aaron moss

May 11, 2022

How do I download roboform to my chromebook?

I have been on chromebook but havenot found the download for roboform?

Karina J

Mar 22, 2021

A few websites where the extension doesn't work

Found a few sites this recipe filter doesn't work with. Any chance you could add them so it would work?

Thanks! and love the extension idea.

Lorelei S

Jan 25, 2021

Chrome Recipe Filter

I'm having an issue when I close a recipe in Chrome, I'm unable to click on any other links in the page. I have to do a hard refresh to be able to surf through the page. It didn't use to behave this way. I'm not seeing any pages it is working correctly with. It pops up fine and all the features work though.

Christopher Pitt

Sep 16, 2020

Re-run option

Hi, Great add-on but have a suggestion. Because it pops up straight away I normally close so I can read the page and determine if I want the recipe but then I can't get it to re-run (including on refresh). Could an option to do this manually be added?

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