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Larry Hernandez

May 5, 2019

Looks like is down. Can I buy it?

If you show me how to get it running again on Heroku, I would like to use the extension for myself. Thanks

Larry Hernandez
Principal Consultant, Recruiting 

Charles Nelson

Apr 6, 2018

Not working

the extension won't work when I am logged into LI

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 17, 2017

Worse yet....

The post identified when I published was pulled from my address book and not "my" LinkedIn profile. Please delete the 11/17/17 post.

The profile it should have pulled is

Please delete this as well if it does not post as "ed bellows."

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 17, 2017

Just can't get it working

I have the extension added to Chrome. When I am logged into LinkedIn and open a profile the Recap extension does not show up as a sidebar. You instructed Ms. Howard- Jan. 31, 2017 to try updating the app., but I see no way to do so!/? I have also tried scrolling to the bottom of the profile page and found nothing of the app.. I have not received a Recap error or any messages from the app. what so ever.

Tania Howard

Jan 31, 2017

Just can't get it working

I can not get this to work. I've downloaded the extension which shows on chrome, I'm signed in to linkedin, I get a message that says scroll to bottom of profile to recap (which I do) but nothing to make it do the recap or access the recap (if it indeed has done one (no 'go' button). How do you actually get it to recap?

Rhonda Harvey

Oct 25, 2016


Recaps today: 6 of 10
Total recaps: 6

But, this is my message on all 6.
We had trouble recapping this specific profile. Please try again later.

Why am I losing credits when it doesn't provide details? Shouldn't only count toward profiles you can actually get information on? Yes, cookies are cleared and allowed.

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