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James Mann

Jan 14, 2024

Desperately needs an infinite scroll table

I'm constantly fetching the links for 20+ items and the 5 item paginated table is super cumbersome.
It would be incredible if the table could infinite scroll and autoload more items as you scroll.
Or at the very least, give an option to show more than 5 items in the table.

Mislav Paparella

Nov 11, 2022

[MacOS Ventura] Adding Google Chrome to Login Items

When I have this extension enabled Google Chrome adds itself to the Login Items on MacOS. Some other extension are reported to cause the same issue. Can you please investigate why this happens and if possible fix the issue.

Thank you for a great extension and for listening!

Marc Doni

Oct 7, 2022

I'm in an endless loop of authorizing this extension with my real debrid account

This extension worked for a day and then kept prompting me to reauthorize. I've done it like 10 times, and every time i go back to the extension, it's still prompting me to re-authorize. Also, the contract date for it is saying 5/11/22? Please help! Thanks!~

Ni No

Jan 31, 2022

Issue with Real Debrid not automatically selecting all files in torrent with multiple folders & subfolders

First of all, THANK YOU! I spent entire days this week devoted to developing solutions to bridge the gap between the Real Debrid torrent API and downloading the resolved links, only to discover this handy extension that makes my "automated" solution look like a Ruth Goldberg machine (silly pyLoad nonsense…although my approach probably does have potential for people who need a ton of torrents resolved).

On to the business at hand, there is an issue with Real Debrid not automatically selecting every file in a torrent to be resolved. I ran into the issue with a torrent that had multiple folders & subfolders, hundreds of files total. But when I passed the magnet link to RD via this RDDM extension, only the first twelve (the first folder and its subfolder I think). Totally missed the other folders entirely. I noticed it because there were obviously not enough download links in my clipboard/JDownloader to account for the whole torrent. I navigated to and deleted the torrent from the resolver, then passed the magnet link again using the RDDM extension. I opened the webpage again and immediately popped up the standard file selection menu, clearly showing unselected files within the torrent. I was able to simply manually select the files, so really not a big deal as issues go, but I figured I should report it anyways, just to be sure you were aware. All my other magnets were resolved in full, with all files being selected in every other case as I could tell. I presume the extensive hierarchy of the problematic torrent is to blame; none of the other torrent files I tested with the RDDM extension had more than one folder. I can send you screenshots & additional details if that would help.

Thanks for saving me oodles of time & energy with this thing though. Seriously, I already don't know what I would do without it. I tried several projects off GitHub and none of them were this easy/fast/efficient or able to use JDownloader. Kudos!

Jay Rogers

Aug 12, 2021


Please make this for firefox

Joshua Villarreal

Feb 27, 2021


This is the best extension I have on my browser. Are there any plans to add this to Firefox?

Marius Schmidt

Feb 7, 2021

Stop Working after one Download

It was working well for one download, but after adding several more torrent the only thing the plugin does is showing me a loading bar and that's it.

Salvatore Grado

Jan 27, 2021

Change in the copy button function

I think it would more useful to have the Copy button to copy the "download" link ( and not the "original link" ( since the latter is private and can only be use in their website

Tom Jones

Jan 12, 2021

past downloads

i recently lost all my data off an external hard drive and is there any way too get too all previous downloads?

Claudia Kaiser

Dec 3, 2020

Stopped working after RD account renewing

May RD account expired once since then it does not work anymore (I renewed the account, of course). I think I have to do the authorization think again. But I could not the option to do this.

What I tried:
delete cache
delete the folder of the addon in the extensions folder
delete the addon via chrome extension manager

But it never asked me for authorization again.

What I found out:
When I checked RD, It said the chrome extension was last seen a month ago.
When I checked the background site of the extension there was an error msg by a get (something with authorization (not gonna post my token link online (even if its expired)))
the Content of the error msg was not very helpful:
{error: null, error_code: null}
error: null
error_code: null

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