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Kirill AndreevichMay 2, 2024

It's a beautiful app, but there is only one question here: why when I clicked on the word and got a translation above it I can't see the translations on the rest of the same words? e.g. I've clicked on "permission" word and there are 5 more "permission" words on the page. Why I see the translation only one the first word? Is there any chance to add the translations on the rest of the same words? Anyway we can emphasis all of them

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Dalibor BogicevicMar 16, 2024

This is brilliant.

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Livia DumalangMar 10, 2024

Amazing tool, especially for free. I love how the words automatically become part of your flashcard deck. You can export your flashcards but honestly the flashcard feature is simple and pretty good. It shows the word in context from the sentence you read. A minor thing is that if you aren't paying for the pro features then you have to click for audio on the flashcard, doesn't bother me.

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Joshua KurianJan 31, 2024

Pretty great! You can only do so much with the free version, but I find this quite useful for Malayalam.

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FelixAug 16, 2023

Best tool ever regarding language learning. Phenomenal!!! At the same time you can translate words and create cards in the web. Later learn them. Import/export possible. At the website you can also learn with texts or even musicvideos. This replaces basically everything I have used before, no Duocards or LWT necessary anymore.

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William ZhaoMay 30, 2023

You should add support to word boundary detection otherwise it is impossible to learn Japanese. It's a well-researched problem in NLP so you should have no challenge finding pretrained models. Then you can stream the text to the readers for speed. I am paying customer but currently doesn't find this service useful. I will give 5 stars when this issue is fixed.

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NéeNée NichelleMay 16, 2023

Broken, You can't select words from outside websites as it selects and imports each letter separately. Also those letters appear in the word list and can't be deleted. Importing articles seems to work and I can select words on already imported articles but I don't want random letters in my word list. I can't learn that way. Nice idea though...

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Steve RidoutDeveloperMay 19, 2023

Thanks for your feedback! If you don't mind, could you please share the website you were trying to read which led to this behaviour. Note that you can edit and delete words from your word list on the words page: (There is a known issue with languages like Chinese which don't use spaces between words which means you need to manually drag to select the whole word you want to translate, otherwise a single click will just translate the single character you clicked on, but that may not be what you are referring to.)

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MichaelMar 20, 2023

Why do you require third party cookies? It is very wrong. I also use 3 ad blockers, since I hate trackers and all those malicious things they do. None of the other plugin require such cookie enabling. You should do something to end this rule, I am sure it is not necessary. The plugin is amazing. I also have Language Reactor which works the same way, however its word-save feature is not free. But it is the best for video subtitles.

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Steve RidoutDeveloperSep 8, 2023

I've updated the Readlang extension so that it no longer requires third party cookies! Please give it a shot and let me know if you have any other feedback!

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Chloe BoucheratFeb 10, 2023


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Jay EdgarDec 15, 2022

Amazing! First, the translations seem really great. I tried single-word translations, but when piecing the words together, it didn't make sense. However, translating a phrase outputs a translation that takes the context into account. If it were just the translation, that would be great, but readlang then takes the words and phrases you translate and puts them into a flashcard program! This blows me away. Finally, the content available, including videos with synced text, is really, really va... Show more

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