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Rich Brooks

Aug 21, 2021

Problem with the extension

I'm running this in Edge 94.0.989.0 (Canary). It seems I am having the same problem as your other users - the ruler works on most webpages, but skips lines of text with bullets. Will there be a patch forthcoming to address this issue?

Cara Carter

Jan 5, 2021

Google Slides

Hello, Does this work with google slides? I teach students with autism virtually and have created a lot of adapted materials and this would be ideal to use them.

Ulf Herrmann

May 2, 2019

Love the idea of the app, but...

We want to use your ruler for confluence step-by-step guides. By the ruler, the user would be able to always know where he/she currently is. We would pay for the app, as it would be a great benefit.
BUT: It does not work with numbered lists within confluence, when there are second level numberings and/or when there are tip, warning, or other highlighted sections in between. The ruler then skips lines.
Any chance to fix this?

Karen Hoffmann

Apr 12, 2019

Reading Ruler caused Websites to Crash

I added the Reading Ruler extension to our school's domain at the request of one of our teachers. Later, I noticed I was getting "Aw, Snap!" errors when using certain websites. This didn't happen on all websites, but did happen consistently when we tried to use Yahoo,, and certain other sites. The site homepage would load, but we were unable to click on links. There would be no "hand" icon that would allow us to click - only the "pointer arrow." If we tried to click with that, ultimately we would get the "Aw, Snap!" error. Sometimes the "hand" icon would appear and seem to work; but if I used the back arrow to to back and then tried to click the link again, the site would crash. I had no idea what was causing these sites to crash so I turned to Google Support for help. After much trial and error, Google Support determined it was the Reading Ruler extension that was causing the problem. I was advised to click on the Reading Ruler icon and uncheck the "Enable" box. All of the websites I had been having trouble with for months instantly worked. We weren't trying to use the Reading Ruler with these sites so I would never have guessed that was the problem. Luckily, Google Support figured it out.

Brett Peary

Nov 18, 2018

Bullet points

Please support bullet points. Now it skips them. Also, now it skips images, which can make navigation difficult. If you could have it recognize the bottom of an image as a line it would be helpful. Cheers.

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 24, 2018

reading ruler and docs

I cannot use reading ruler in docs. I really need it when I am trying to read back my written work. Is there a way to make it work?

Lee Kendall

Sep 2, 2018

Enabling extension

Hi, LOVE this product, however, I can't seem to get it to work consistently with new tabs/pages. Any suggestions?

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