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Samuele gg

Sep 7, 2023

Add adding links in the right click context menu

Add adding links in the right click context menu

Natalie Faye

Apr 5, 2021

syncing to iOS

i can't find any troublehsooting info on what to do if Reading list is not syncing between devices. Your only response is "you must be signed to same Google Acount on Chrome on both devices". I am, that is confirmed. My photo shows up in all places. Still not syncing. My laptop and desktop sync fine. Ipad and iphone do not and never have. Your documentation does not even address WHERE i would find the reading list in the Chrome menu. The Chrome menu (three dots) there is the default "Reading List" and "Read Later" options. Are these the ones that your app would be using? Or is somewhere else that i access and save? The reading list in my iphone syncs with the ipad, but not with the desktop or laptop. And there is no indication that your app is at play at all on mobiles. Please provide some sort of basic documentation.

gilbert sanchez

Apr 5, 2021


je voudrais enlever la liste de lecture et je ne sais pas comment faire j'ai un pc hp mini

cynthia inman

Mar 17, 2021

uninstalling reading list

[ want to uninstall reading list i never asked for it a email i opened installed it

Natalie Faye

Dec 29, 2020


i am using on desktop, laptop, and iOS and it has never synced. I am logged into google on all devices and sync is on. This really makes the app useless for my purposes...

Fawaz Akhtar

Sep 5, 2020

Some needed features

Can you please include the ability to add tags? That would be really handy. Also it would be nice if we could turn the link counter off. Another very useful ability would be to export and import lists. Thank you.

Flying Peanuts

Jul 1, 2019

Counter and links

Would like to be able to remove the counter from the icon and the ability to edit links. Thanks.

Fatih Tekin

Aug 15, 2018

add Suggestion

link for bottom my suggestion

Fatih Tekin

Aug 15, 2018


There must be export/import and autosync(in google account or etc) and there can be tick on app icon (or etc) when saved page (so i can know whether saved or not saved this page)

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 27, 2018

No Syncing Across Devices

Hello, I do not see reading lists syncing across devices while logged in to chrome on my Windows 10 PC and my iPhone 7 with iOS 11 on it. The extension claims to support this. What can I do to force a sync or get this working?

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