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Patrick Jones

Sep 10, 2023

Reader Mode Pro

I purchased Reader Mode Pro because I wanted to be able to see the reader mode for an ENTIRE web page. However, just as in the free version, the pro version converts only a small portion of the total web page into reader view. I'm viewing a bulletin board ("listserv") with 19 entries in regular mode, but when I click on Reader Mode Pro, I can see only ONE entry. This is not helpful and I need a fix.

Phil Pratt

Apr 15, 2023

I can't validate my purchase

I'm trying to use the product after I've purchased it. However, when I try it tells me that I have to activate. when I add my code it spins around but never activates my purchase.

Brian McSweeney

Mar 26, 2023

Telling me my licence is invalid

Hi the extension tells me my licence I purchased in 2020 is invalid. I thought a purchased licence was for life? Can you tell me how to activate it pls?

Paul Knox

May 8, 2021

Font selections

Is there a way I can add fonts to the menu in the style menu?

I want at least one font in which the zero character is slashed (not dotted) so that it is easily distinguishable from a capital letter O.

Here are some preferred options (most free): Inconsolata, PT Mono, Roboto Mono, Fira Code, Consolas or Anonymous Pro.

I would like to add at least 2 fonts with slashed zero.


Sarah Heiner

Mar 2, 2021

Reader stops at paragraph breaks

The reader reads great for one paragraph and then stops at the paragraph break - I cannot get it to go to the next paragraph manually and I don't want to have to - I want it to read smoothly without me having to manually keep it moving.

Madeleine P

Jan 10, 2021

remove the "generated with reader mode" comment

I would like to remove the "generated with reader mode" note at the end of every page so I can print without it.

Vytautas Ziedelis

May 13, 2020

text to speach

the text to speach feeture does not work, at a moment it is not possable to change tts voice, even if you change to something else the voice still is saime as it was. it never worked actually. very important feeture and it does not work it is a simple bug to find so why is it not fixed yet i just don't understand.


May 11, 2020

Text gets corrupted

Just bought pro version yesterday so I could highlight. Seemed to work well for a while, but then noticed many issues with missing apostrophes and hyphens, text replicated, etc. The errors weren't there first time through. No way to clear it up, even after deleting the saved file and starting over. Happens on multiple sites. (I have images of a few examples available.) Please advise.

Jono L

Feb 29, 2020

How to add back missing elements

Reader Mode cleans up web site content really nicely.
At the same time removes important items such as the title of an article and company logo.

How could we selectively restore those automatically removed elements?

Camden Bassett

Feb 5, 2020

Auto-run In Reader Mode Pro doesn't work

I posted about this issue on the normal "Reader Mode" extension, but I bought the pro version afterwards and still had the same issue, so I'll post it here as well.

I've tried adding a few different autorun rules, but it never seems to auto run. Here's a link to a video I made showing what I'm doing. . Basically I added a url contains "typescript" rule.

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