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Buy Extension Chrome

Apr 15, 2023

I want buy extension chrome

I need to buy an extension with multiple users, if anyone wants to sell it contact my email

Becky Rogers

Apr 28, 2021

face book

private conversations

Jim Hagler

Oct 3, 2020

how to read e-mail undetecred

read e-mails undetected

Van Pham

Jan 23, 2020


synce download transfer app

Michal Ormoš

Aug 1, 2018

Programming languages code is not displayed correctly.

If there is some <code></code> statement in page, the reader is not showing it correctly. I could welcome fix of this problem.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 16, 2018



Jonathan Yao-Bama

Nov 20, 2017


Any chance to have a keyboard shortcut to activate the extension?

Henry Smith

Nov 6, 2017

online pdf

how can I make it work! I click on the eye glasses and absolutely nothing happens!

Luca Orlandi

Oct 31, 2017

Loads fonts over http not httpS

It loads fonts over HTTP not HTTPS even if the page is loadsed in HTTPS causing dozen of errors in the console because of blocked contents.

Lawrence Wolofsky

Oct 15, 2017

icon is too light

can you make the toolbar icon darker or more contrast? I can barely see it.

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