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Jan 5, 2017

Sometimes,click no response

Sometimes,click no response

Ty Wood

Oct 5, 2015

Icon to show how many tabs are saved

Any chance you can add a number icon to show how many current tabs that are saved?

Stanislav Dimitrov

Jun 9, 2015

Lost all saved tabs

I lost all my saved tabs. I had around 20-30. Is there a way to restore them? This is a major problem.

I was switching between the open tabs, and I saved some of them. At some point I noticed the list with saved tabs by this plugin was empty.
(in case it matters, it happened when I switched to a tab on which the page was not loaded yet)

Stanislav Dimitrov

Mar 5, 2015

The popup does not show

I clicked on one of the saved links and opened it in a new tab. Afterwards I clicked the "bulb" again to check the rest of the links. However, this second time the popup list with links did not show up. I tried again and again. I am using Chrome on Mac.

Richard Wise

Jan 12, 2015

Cannot delete entries

Clicking the X next to an entry does not delete it.

John Coleman

Jan 4, 2015

Please do this

I want open many tabs in 'Readlater'. But when i click mouse3 to tab its close. I want open here many tabs, not only 1

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