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Mar 21, 2024


The developer has disclosed that it will not collect or use your data.
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Thais Santos

Oct 8, 2023

Material em pdf nao está sendo importado

Bom dia, uso o computador para estudar os pdfs para concurso. Acontece que estou tentando usar a extensão com o pdf aberto no google chrome, mas o meu material não esta sendo importado para a leitura no aplicativo, gostaria de saber se há uma forma para que eu consiga. Tenho deficit de atenção e dificuldades em ler, ficaria mt grata se conseguisse utilizar a extensao nos meus pdfs


Sep 10, 2016


Eu gostaria de sugerir que fosse acrescentado ao programa a possibilidade de ler arquivos PDF e guardar o ponto em que paramos de ler. Se possível que isso seja para vários livros. Obrigado.

Andreas Schmid

May 10, 2016

Adjustable Framesize

Hi great ext.

A great feature would be to scale the frame by preference. If i select some text, i want to focus on your frame completely... so i decrease my distance to the screen.. which is not healthy for my eyes :)

So why not scale the frame a bit up or down like the user prefers?

Tigran Sargsyan

May 30, 2015

Seconds vs Milliseconds

I think for most users seeing seconds in the options page instead of milliseconds would be more suitable. Many people even have no idea what a millisecond is.

Tigran Sargsyan

May 30, 2015

Varied word display duration

Keep longer words on screen for longer periods of time than the shorter ones.

Sachin Uppal

Nov 11, 2014

Does it work with Kindle Cloud Reader

I want to read my Kindle Books faster. I have Kindle Cloud Reader installed in Chrome browser. I am just wondering if your app works with that or you plan to introduce this feature soon?

Peter Mamrukov

Mar 10, 2014

Outlook Web App - reading issues

I really liked your app. Can you make it read from OWA (Outlook web access) interface over https? Right now, when I want to use your app to read email, I simply get black window with no contents inside.
Thank you.

Ed Cam

Dec 5, 2013

Some sites wont work

I don't know why, some sites don't work. Yesterday I tried to read a post on tumblr and it didn't recognize the text. Today it does.

PDF's on browser wont work either. It would be awesome to be able to read it.

And one more thing... It also would be great to be able to move the windows wherever you want. i.e. at the center of the screen so I can read in a comfortable way instead of having my head half turned.

Thank you.

Dr. Stephen A Salaka

Aug 12, 2013

Kindle Reader

I use the kindle reader web app and was wondering if this plugin could be made to work with the text within the kindle application. Would love to be able to speed display the text.

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