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Elisa Laatu

Jun 19, 2024

Let me choose a default voice for different languages

I use read aloud to listen to english and finnish texts. The default voice for english is horrible, so I have to always manually change it. Then, after a while, I go and use read aloud for some finnish text. Read aloud starts reading my finnish text with english pronouncer, which obviously doesn't work. So, I go and set the read aloud to use finnish voice. This constant swapping with different voices is exhausting and time consuming. Therefore, I wish you would make it possible for the user to choose a default voice for different languages, which the read aloud could always fall back to when it detects a certain language.

annie alvelo

Jun 4, 2024



Sean Grant

Jun 4, 2024

Can you please help

Hello, I've been having a major issue with this plug... It plays on some websites and not on others... Sometimes it works, sometimes it creates an email and sometimes it doesn't..I've uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times I'm Green in the face...I need help to understand why all of a sudden I'm having issues... With this plug-in readingIt's all of a sudden requiring a t Chrome tab opens anytime I want to read a document.. It never did that before... I spend my day closing unnecessary tabs on my browser.. Can you please help

Luis Carlos Quispe Ruiz

Jun 4, 2024

I got an error

Hello there,

I hope you are well. I got an error, i'm not an expert but it shows an FastText service unavailable, I like this extension, when I move the cursor over a text, it showed a little cloud with a traduction for a little text extract, but no more anymore, I suspect tha the problem is this "FastText service unavailable" please could you help me, I don't know how to do for it run again as before.

Error: FastText service unavailable
at serverDetectLanguage (document.js:291:27)
fasttext_wasm.js:1047 run() called, but dependencies remain, so not running
dbg @ fasttext_wasm.js:1047
fasttext_wasm.js:1047 writeStackCookie: 0x00000000
dbg @ fasttext_wasm.js:1047
fasttext_wasm.js:1047 initRuntime
dbg @ fasttext_wasm.js:1047
fasttext_wasm.js:1047 checkStackCookie: 0x00000000
dbg @ fasttext_wasm.js:1047
document.js:316 Declared en - Detected en - Chosen en

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,

Rocquel Donofrio

May 27, 2024

Sound randomly stopped working

The extension is no longer working on any site I try, regardless of the browser. It highlights the text, but no voice is speaking. I've tried messing with the sound on my computer, which did not fix the issue.

Kalyna Gibouleau

May 21, 2024

travail toujours.

Bonjour, aujourd'hui le 2024-05-21 lorsque j'essaie d'utiliser l'extension il travaille toujours sans résultat, aucun texte n'apparaît, il ne lie rien à voix haute. J'ai essayé sur plusieurs sites même problème, j'ai aussi essayé de changer/effacer les cookies/historique et le problème persiste. J'ai aussi essayé d'envoyer un rapport d'erreur mais il travaillait toujours sans envoyer l'information. Voilà pourquoi je vous écris. Je tiens à mentionner que la veille il fonctionnait très bien . Merci et bonne journée.

Izet Plavsic

May 9, 2024

Speed regulation on the main menu.

Hello, can you please implement a speed regulator on the main screen (left-click on megaphone). Its would be better, sometimes I want to speed up but have to go to the settings.

Kind regard,

P.s. I love your extension.

Dr. Tommy Thompson

May 6, 2024

How to uninstall the extension

The extension is set to on and I cant turn it off or uninstall it. How do I uninstall the extension? Thanks.

Hannah Beaumont

Apr 25, 2024

Reads "Romans 2:4-5" as time and not as chapter & verse, pls fix asap.

Reads "Romans 2:4-5" as time, not as chapter/verse and same is true for all similar quotes, pls fix asap.

Kind regards


Matheus Dalmolin Giusti

Apr 16, 2024

Pitch control does not work with Piper.

Pitch control does not work with Piper.

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