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georgina alcantara

Apr 21, 2020

Delete my free account

To Whom it May Correspond.
I am trying to cancel my free account, but I can not fin how.

Kevin Bhalla

Dec 1, 2019

text not changing

Hi I am editing text but it isn't reflecting. Help please.

gabriela iturbe

Sep 23, 2019

Problema de visualización

La página no permite visualizar las plantillas, ya sea para creación o edición de videos, por lo que se hace prácticamente inservible. creí que se trataba de un problema de Flash o HTML5, pero no lo es! Debe tratarse de un error de la nueva versión. Pueden ponerse en contacto?

Jimmy Moberg

Aug 19, 2018

Lost Creation

My girlfriend was working on a school presentation and the website just reloaded and she lost all of her work. Is there any way to recover it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 8, 2018

Ingreso con Cuenta Google

Buen dia, hace unos dias ingresaba a al plataforma y funcionaba con la cuenta que me registre ahora ya no me deja y dice que esta inhabilitada.

sergio tapara huayllani

Jul 25, 2018

no se puede editar

no puedo ver las escenas para edición en mi pc en otras vi que esta normal. ¿por que pasa esto con mi pc?

M Bell

Jul 24, 2018

Can't make a video

Hi team,

I"m having a tough time creating a video. I see a small video (or picture) icon where a video or picture should be. I can edit older videos that I've made, so I'm assuming it's an HTML5 issue. I wrote your support team twice in two days, but didn't hear a thing back. Now I'm trying to contact you here. Please respond. I need to have a video produced and distributed by the end of day today.

Please message me back at the email address attached.


Club Regatas Recursos Humanos

Jul 18, 2018

problelmas para registrarme

deseo usar la aplicación pero no puedo registrane con mi cuenta de gmail porfavor ayuda me interesa mucho poder trabajarla.


Jun 10, 2018


I have been trying to contact this company. I can't believe a free trial became a $708 Dlls unauthorized in my card. I have tried to reach this company since the day this happened but unsurprisingly, they aren't available at all. Their "software" is the clunkiest thing. Wasted time and a risk for any user. Stay away from this!

Panic Away Barry McDonagh

Apr 22, 2018

I can't export my video

I try to export my video on youtube but it always fail.

Google apps