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The Raventhal (an IceBlink Engine RPG) Turn-based computer role playing game with a wonderfully crafted story. Android app for…

The Raventhal (an IceBlink Engine RPG) Turn-based computer role playing game with a wonderfully crafted story. Android app for Chrome (only has touch and mouse input for now and tested on ARC Welder in Tablet and Phone form factor) Turn-based computer role playing game (RPG) with a wonderfully crafted story. Implements some classic old-school computer RPG style and also includes great 8-bit music created by Pongo. Story, music and most artwork by Pongo IceBlink Engine and port to Android by slowdive_fan (aka me) Features: - designed for phones, but scales well on tablets (I have a galaxy tab 3 8"). - totally FREE with NO ads and NO in-app purchase stuff. - turn based combat similar in style to the SSI Gold Box games. - great RPG story telling conversation system. - RPG offline and single player (you control all party members) game. - multiple companions can join your party. - 8-bit retro music by Pongo. - lots of replayability (is that a word?). - three races, four classes and many spells to choose from. - multiple saves available (save often). - lots of items to find and wield. - A short story (2-4 hours) with great pace and no fluff. The Raventhal (IceBlink RPG) description by Pongo: "You went fishing, capsized, and wake up cold and wet in the Raventhal, a forest with a very sinister reputation. Your one objective is to get out of the forest and return back to your village. How hard can it be...!? There's quite a bit of combat, but a big focus on the module is party interaction and story. You start off on your own, but you'll soon find other characters who may join you if you choose. The NPCs are a colourful bunch who talk amongst themselves, disagree with your decisions, and (occasionally) do something useful. Of course, you can always decide just to ignore them all and play solo." <b>Progress Reporting Feature:</b> <i>A fun new way to share your play through experience with others.</i> There is a toggle button on the main map screen labeled "PR" (bottom right toggle button). Pressing this button will turn Progress Reporting on and off. If you do not wish to share your play through experience, no problem, just turn off Progress Reporting. If you do wish to share, leave the "PR" button on. If Progress Reporting is on, then at a number of milestone events, it will send your party's current stats to our Google Analytics Dashboard. I will post the listings of Progress Reports to our forums (see our website link below) for others to share in the experience. No personally identifiable information is collected, just information about your party. The tag that will separate your Progress Report from others is your main PC's name. We are excited to see how others are enjoying our adventure stories so we hope you enjoy this new feature as well. The Raventhal was originally Created by Pongo for the IceBlink Engine (IB). I ported the engine to Android and worked with Pongo to convert The Raventhal as the first adventure module conversion to Android. The IceBlink Engine is inspired by some of my favorite cRPGs (many being old retro style RPGs) such as the SSI Gold Box Games, original Bard's Tale, Ultima, and the Infinity Engine games (like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale) and my 6+ years of experience with building adventure modules in Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2.

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